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Repartition Bad Drive is free utility from Abstradrome which is intended to isolate unrecoverable bad sectors from partitions. If HDD Regenerator reports that bad sectors cannot be regenerated, then the hard drive contains unrecoverable bad sectors. Although we do not recommend using such hard drives*, however in some cases the hard drive may contain unrecoverable bad sectors, but work stable. If you want to use such hard drive to store NOT important data**, you should isolate bad sectors from data. Repartition Bad Drive utility is intended to repartition bad hard drives in such way so that the bad sectors will be isolated from partitions. The only requirement before repartitioning is that your hard drive should NOT contain any useful data!***

* If your hard drive contains unrecoverable bad sectors, replace it as soon as possible. In no circumstances store any important information on the hard drive which was not regenerated successfully and contains unrecoverable bad sectors!

** For example, to store files downloaded from internet, which can be re-downloaded even if the hard drive fails, or to store ISO images of your DVDs, to avoid inserting DVDs each time you need to use them. In other words, to store any NOT important data that can be easily restored even if the hard drive completely fails.

*** If applied to a hard drive, Repartition Bad Drive will destroy all data on that drive!

If you have already copied all data from your bad hard drive, you can use the Repartition Bad Drive free utility to isolate bad blocks:

  1. Download the program and start it (no installation is required!)


  3. Enter “Minimal Partition Size” and “Partition Offset from Bad Sectors” parameters. If you do not know which values to enter, leave the default parameters.

  4.  Select a drive to repartition, then press the “Repartition Drive Selected” button.

  5.  Make sure you have selected the correct hard drive and the hard drive you selected does not contain any useful data. If you sure, press OK. If you press OK, ALL DATA ON THE HARD DRIVE SELECTED WILL BE DELETED as soon as a partition is created! Until a partition is created by the Repartition Bad Drive utility, you can cancel the process without data losses.

  6.  Wait until the process is completed. The process takes time to scan the hard drive surface for bad blocks. The Repartition Bad Drive utility uses fast bad blocks detection algorithm. This algorithm makes scanning of bad area even much faster than scanning of good area! This saves a lot of your time if the hard drive contains a lot of bad sectors.

  7.  Format each partition created using Windows Format utility.

  8.  Your bad hard drive is now ready to store NOT important data!


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